My grandma, Hui Yun, has dentures and they scared me as a child. I avoided looking at them whenever she washed them. When I think back, being scared of those innocent dentures makes me feel silly. I grew up with my grandma around, and she is always happy in around me. She only revealed more complex feelings when her old friends and relatives visited from her hometown. I never understood her feelings until I moved far away from my family. Living far away, I am trying to understand my grandma and her stories. This film is about key turning points in her life. There is a lot of nostalgia from her world that affects me, such as living in the military and playing mahjong. But my grandma is unique to me. She has an everlasting positive attitude and an elegant demeanor even with her nasty dentures.


Kafka has said,

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

Huiyun qualifies this.

Director: Youran Wang
Designers: Youran Wang
3D Animators: Wei-Shen Wang

2D Animators: Youran Wang, Wei-Shen Wang

Professor: Kelly Carlton

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